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Full Home Inspection


If you’re a buyer, home inspections from Orlando Home Inspector use the latest equipment, techniques, industry education and certifications to deliver unsurpassed service and reliable results that eliminate all of the surprises that can ruin your purchase. Plus, we leverage our experience in the construction industry to guarantee you learn all the home condition issues that may impact your decision to purchase a particular home.

Our inspections come with a very detailed report that is a narrative of the inspections, many full-color photo’s and a repair estimate (upon request) of the inspection. We will arm you with the information you need to know and not confuse you will all of the inspector jargon. We will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Get answers to these six essential questions:

  1. Does everything operate properly at the time of the inspection?
  2. How much will it cost to repair?
  3. Is the house structurally and mechanically sound, and does it function as it is supposed to?
  4. Are there any potential safety issues?
  5. Are components installed and performing correctly?
  6. What items should be repaired or replaced now to help offset large expenses later on?
  7. Important facts the buyer should know before purchasing


We have extensive experience with Investment Property Inspections! We will arm you with all of the information needed to determine if the identified investment property is right for you. The Investment Property Inspections cover the same important items as the residential home inspection, but will have a specific focus on important investment property topics.

We will inspect the property by keeping in mind this will be an investment property and you may not actually view the the property before you purchase it. Our reports are detailed with the issues that need to be immediately addressed before being leased and issues that should be addressed in the future.

Our Investment Property Inspections will include the same high quality inspection points that our clients who are buying as their primary resident, but we will also provide specific inspection highlights for the investor.


Since our inspectors have experience with repairing and rehabbing properties, we can provide you with a general repair price range, if needed. We are not able to diagnose or recommend a repair company, but we can provide our opinion of cost of the repair. This will at least give you an idea of the expect repair range, but we would recommend hiring a rehab expert for an exact estimate of repairs.

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We will issue the report to you within 24 hours. We understand how critical time is when a home is under contract.

After you have reviewed this report, which is held in confidentiality between you and Orlando Home Inspector, we make ourselves available to go over the entire report so that you understand all that is contained within it. It is your decision to release this report to any other parties either in hard copy or with access to your report online.

We further realize that time is critical in most real estate transactions of this nature and we at Orlando Home Inspector respond and schedule your inspections as buyers as a priority because of this. Your request for the time and date of inspection will be met if at all possible.

We are confident your decision to work with us will be calm and enjoyable as well as rewarding in its breath of information. Reading some of our testimonials you will see that at Orlando Home Inspector we do not disappoint you, our client.


When you choose Orlando Home Inspector, you will receive a valuable RecallChek account at no additional cost. RecallChek is the national service that protects home buyers from poorly designed items found in the household that may fail or catch fire like air conditioners, water heaters and appliances. We also give you access to our free monthly newsletter with timely maintenance tips and updated information pertaining to any recalls on major appliances. Informational Video

And of course, our home buyer inspection includes a visual, detailed inspection report with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview of the home. Filled with essential details and photos about your home’s condition, basic maintenance tips and things to watch for in the future, this report equips you with the knowledge you need to enjoy a safe, comfortable home for many years.

You also receive peace of mind knowing your home buyer inspection includes our 100-day $1,000 warranty. If any of the items that passed our inspection fail or become inoperable due to mechanical failure caused by routine wear and tear within 100 days of your inspection, Orlando Home Inspector will repair or replace those items up to a total of $1,000.

To schedule a home buyer inspection from Orlando Home Inspector please schedule with the Book Now Icon on the top right corner. Our current availability is listed and we guarantee to be available on the time you select.

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