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Rental Property Inspections

Orlando Home Inspector is providing property management inspections with a very detailed report.  We see this as a huge benefit to you the owner in that it will provide 3rd party documentation of the condition of your property.  The data for the report is documented by trained and experienced eyes that have done literally hundreds of move-in, move-out, periodic, and initial reports on the condition of homes.  We will provide documentation on the following:


  • Detailed pictures of the current condition of the home
  • Deferred Maintenance Issues
  • A/C filter check
  • Insurance Risks (Trampoline, baby pool)
  • Unauthorized Pets (Pit Bull)
  • HOA Violations
  • Property Code Violations
  • Illegal Activity

The report consists of:

  • 3rd Party unbiased documentation (Very Important)
  • 50-100 photos with comments about the home
  • 25-50 pages of documentation
  • PDF color format

Having a 3rd party inspection is important to show the current condition of the home, let the tenant know we are checking on the property and document any areas on concern.  These areas of concern might need immediate attention or can allow the Owner to budget repair costs after the tenant move out in the future.

Orlando Home Inspector can also provide services while in the home:

  • Inspect the A/C system and provide preventive maintenance (i.e. clear drain line and add vinegar water to prevent fungi buildup, inspect the A/C coils, check system pressure) $49.95
  • Replace the smoke detector batteries with new batteries that are now required by law. $10 per detector

The price for the periodic tenant occupied inspection services is $89.99 per report and we recommend up to twice a year.  Should you choose to have them more often, we can certainly make that change to your account.  Just let us know in advance.

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